School’s Out 4 Summer!!!

Today is the last day of school for us, officially at least.  We took a chunk of time off over Christmas so we will take most of June to do enrichment where the kids do some subjects but not all, and they get a lot more choice in the matter. Other than that, I want to have them both keep writing and doing math. I don’t want them to backslide in those areas. I am thinking of getting some of those math workbooks for their grade levels respectively just to let them practice what they already know and feel a sense of accomplishment when it all clicks over the summer – it will boost their confidence.
I also hope to read several books to them over the summer. The trouble will only be to find time when they are not reading their own chapter books. This transition of having two kids reading proficiently (Timmy, in kindergarten is reading CHAPTER BOOKS!!) and therefore my read-aloud time has slipped away. I need to be more intentional about bringing it back.
Which leads me to my next thought, and that is intentionality. I need a plan for my summer. Most summers we are just um, lazy. We hang out and we play in the pool, and we take life as it comes. I want to be more intentional this summer in planning  certain outings and activities each week that will anchor our days and give us rythm. Like on Mondays we go to the library, and on Wednesdays we go to the Children’s Musuem, Fridays are the kids Summer Movie Series, and Saturdays are Lowe’s Build n Grow. Tuesdays and Thursdays are enrichment days around the house. Sundays we rest. These are all morning activities, and every afternoon we swim here at home in our pool. These ideas are a work in progress, still brainstorming.

But wow, I can’t even believe that as of tomorrow we will be on summer vacation!!


2 thoughts on “School’s Out 4 Summer!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    I hear you! I love having summer 'vacation', esp. since we homeschool and I could use the break, but I start to stress out when I think of all of the free time. I do still stick with some type of routine during the summer months too. I think both the kids and I need it. Sounds like you have great ideas for each of the days to keep that beautiful rythym in your home. I know we at least have piano lessons every week, even during the summer and that will be a very good thing.

    This post has got me thinking on summer rythym and making it both fun and full of memories for all of us!

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