Family Camp

This summer I started making a list of all the things I wanted to do with my chiklettes around town… and even around the state of Kansas. Before long I had a gigantic list of ideas and I realized that if I wasn’t super intentional, NONE of these great adventures would happen because, well, sipping sangria in a plastic cup by the pool is hard-wired in my DNA and I am inherently lazy.

So, I decided to channel my inner camp counsellor (a throwback to a life I lived long before kiddos) and put together an actual plan for all the fun! Believe me, I also knew that in doing this, we would also plan for plenty of what we call ‘slug days’ where no one has to go anywhere or do anything and we stay in our pjs until dinner. Days like that are my favorite.familycamp

As my creative juices started flowing, a camp theme developed and FAMILY CAMP 2015 was born. T-shirts followed and the themed weeks were not far behind. Now I can basically rest-assured, knowing that we will do all the fun things this summer that the kids want to do, including hanging out with friends and seeing all the things… and there will even be some sangria by the pool for mom.