Preparing for the Adventures!

I think that one of the things that can be most daunting about all kinds of summer adventures is the preparation it can take to just get out the door. I find myself rebelling against any kind of spontaneous fun if I can’

This is where the fun & adventurous part of me meets the prepared & organized part of me.

Introducing our Summer Adventure Grab Bags (From top to bottom):

  • Park/Picnic Bag – blanket, sunscreen, homemade bug spray, first-aid kit, frisbee, book, snacks, wipes. (Not pictured is my super cute picnic basket cooler – I think it has wine in it right now.)
  • Field Trip Bag (large black w/flowers) – this is for those longer more involved field trips like a Dairy Farm or a Museum. This bag houses my “big girl” camera, a power pack for my iphone, snacks, wipes, sunscreen, first-aid kit, and then my purse can fit in here too.
  • Field Trip Bag (small pink flowers) – this is for smaller outings like playdates or the library. Inside you will find snacks, wipes, first-aid kit, and room for my wallet, keys, water bottle and ipad.
  • Pool/Beach/Lake Bags (yes we have several) 1. Red cooler bag from Tarjay – this has a cooler side for snacks and water bottles and a mesh side for things you might want to keep dry (like my phone, a beach-read book, and a magazine or two). It also houses our carabiner with our family pool pass on it. 2. Water toys bag – filled with… yup water toys. (Crazy creative, I know.) 3. Towel bag – this is a white plastic tote from Tarjay a few years ago. It houses our towels, sunscreen, and goggles as well as flip flops and swim suits and a brush with some hair ties.

A little bit about our First Aid Kits. Around Casa de Chiklettes, we pretty much use doTERRA essential oils for every.little.thing. These oils are the bomb and have left us basically medicine free for almost a year. And they are my paycheck these days which is what frees me up to have all these awesome summer adventures. 🙂 More on that another day.

So here are our cute first aid bags I use. Aren’t they awesome? I am obsessed with cute functional bags. Really. It’s a problem. (See above picture. There are so many more bags in this house that aren’t posted) Yikes, hope PapaChik doesn’t read this and make me purge! 

Anyhoo, these little bags are PERFECT for our mini emergency oils stash that we can keep in the above Summer Grab Bags and be ready for whatever comes our way!

Inside you will find our emergency stash of oils and a few first-aid basics like lip balm, band-aids, and neosporin.

What is our emergency oil stash?    Here they are: my favorite oils in case of emergency – or really just the ones I MUST have on hand for basic daily use. 🙂

  • pasttense – headache relief oil roller bottle. noisy kid adventures = headaches.
  • Frankincense – helps with boo-boos and general well-being including meltdowns, perhaps most especially mommy melt-downs.
  • on guard – immunity boosting, and well if you have every been to the pool bathrooms, you would know why you want to bathe in this stuff. Also pictured: the on guard lozenges for when you feel a tickle in your throat or get to feelin icky.
  • peppermint – for tummy aches.
  • lavender – great for bug bites and scrapes
  • helichrysum – this is awesome for skin care in general, but I packed it because it stops bleeding. So for cuts and such, this is awesome stuff.
  • citrus bliss – this lovely oil is for us to rub in our hands and breathe in the happiness.
  • balance – again for mood support (because all the fun is sometimes annoying and makes us crabby… can I get an amen?)

So there you have it. Our bags are packed and we are ready for adventure. Come on summer, bring it on.

Tell me, what other Summer Grab Bag would you create? What would be in it?