Jammin’ with the fam….

Yesterday was the beginning of Family Camp. It was a blast.


We spent the better half of the morning learning the ins & outs of kitchen stewardship. This is such an important skill that I want to pass on to my children. Cooking 21 meals a week from scratch takes a lot of planning, preparation, and creativity. As well as a lot of fortitude to use what we have and not look for greener grass elsewhere and even spontaneity when things don’t go as planned.

The kids learned to inventory the fridge & freezers: IMG_5660

And to turn what we have into a menu-plan for 21 meals. We accounted for a fun lunch out as a family at the end of the Farm to Table week – super excited about that lunch! We also planned for the special dinner I am going to train them to cook – including a strawberry pie for dessert! (From our freshly picked berries, of course!)


And then we cleaned out the fridge and made a grocery list for the random ingredients we would need to pull off this 21 meal plan.

Monday lunch has always meant a muffin-tin lunch which enables us to eat something quick & easy & somewhat random. Perfect for a menu-planning day!


We proceeded to spend the remainder of the day processing the berries we picked.









Thanks to Christina over at Intimate Weddings for the jam recipe! Yum!!

When all was said and done, we really couldn’t resist a mid-afternoon snack: