Walking through Fire

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The compelling call of the Gospel. Open your homes.  Practice Christ-like hospitality. For many years for us, this has meant throwing parties and always saying yes when someone asked for help in big ways or small. Welcoming people of all ages into our home – even if it meant some amount of personal sacrifice. It’s the charism of hospitality that is intrinsically linked to our adoption story. Our adoption journey has very little to do with our secondary infertility and more to do with a heed to be Christ’s hands and feet here & now. To love in the messy. To care for the orphaned.

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I am not going to go into all the details of our adoption journey here now because that post is a longer one to write and I am just not there right now. But, sufficed to say, God has been a relentless hound in placing the call to care for the orphaned on our hearts. Through all the ups and downs He has called us back into the fire time & time again. Some would say “Enough is enough. You guys have been through the ringer. Aren’t you just tired of opening yourselves up to hurt?” To that I simply respond, “Our pain is nothing. There are orphaned children who have been through a ringer much more excruciating than anything we could ever fathom. They haven’t asked for this pain. They haven’t asked to become orphans. No, we are not done. We will walk through fire to tend to the hearts of the orphaned. Period.”


So we continue on our journey towards adoption one day. And in the meantime, we heed the call of the Father to open our homes. To the least of these. To the orphaned. For a night, for a week, for a year. We will give them everything and they will transform our lives. We are joyfully expectant, waiting on the children He would have us to care for. We are becoming FOSTER PARENTS! Some might ask: “So are you giving up on adopting?” To that we answer a resounding “No!” And further, “We just know that we are broadening our own scope of what it means to care for the orphaned. Foster care, adoption, service, and prayer. It’s more than just opening our home & family to a child we can give our last name to. It’s opening our home and our family to love those He entrusts to us, even for a short time.”

today, in this moment

We believe that this is what He meant when he asked us to welcome the children in His name. So we are being obedient to the call He has laid on our hearts.


So if you need me anytime soon, I am up to my ears in to-do lists as we navigate all the paperwork and do all the hundred little things to get the house ready to pass inspection to prepare for licensing.  More on how we are preparing to be foster parents on another day.  For now, this made me chuckle:


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  1. rickingle says:

    Great post. Been there, heard that. Way to be obedient!! Have you heard of Safe Families for Children? Christian based, volunteer led, short term hospitality for families in crisis. It is a step before it gets bad enough for foster care. just thought I’d share.

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