Get in my belly.

Nesting when you are expecting quintuplets of unknown ages can be tricky. It’s impractical to purchase 5 of everything in every category known to man. 🙂 wpid-children-wardrobe-closet-design-2014-2015-4

But it’s completely impractical to do nothing as well.

So lately I have found myself stocking my freezer. Crockpot dinners of italian chicken and taco soup, chili and lemon pepper chicken, quickbreads, waffles & pancakes, breakfast burritos & sandwiches, sausage bread, and so much more.

So what else does one do when they are looking to stock their freezer with scrumdeliumptious meals for their whole family??

Troll Pinterest, of course.

That’s when I stumbled upon this gem:


From New Leaf Wellness

And let me just tell you – wowza! I am impressed! I have done many freezer meal prep sessions in the past and they all took up the better part of 2 or even 3 days! Not cool at all. The difference with these sessions is that they are so do-able in a morning or afternoon! So on Monday morning while the kids were getting started with school for the week, I did the breakfast dishes and whipped up 7 freezer meals!

Now my goal is to NOT use them!

Yet. Whew, I hope you didn’t think I went off the rails or something like that. Who needs a freezer stocked of things they won’t use? But no, seriously, my goal for the next month or so is to stock my freezer with 7-10 meals a week and not use any of them which would mean by mid-October, I will have 40 or more meals in my freezer ready to go and then as we use them I won’t really be depleting my stash because I will keep building it each week. Make sense? Well it does to me.

With homeschooling and soccer and the crazy life of soon-to-be-Foster-and-potentially-adopt-a-basketball-team-parents we need more crockpot meals. We need more good breakfasts that are homemade and nutritious but I can’t feasibly cook every single morning like I currently am. I need to incorporate some balance in my life that includes working out and ensuring proper rest, so these meals while some amount of prep, are really intended to save me time.

Tomorrow we bake a LOT to stock that freezer full of delicious and nutritious foods to fill the bellies of the circus I am rockin’.

Tell me, what is your freezer stocked with??