We have not yet received our license.

It’s been weeks.

Still, we have gotten a call about providing respite for 2 little boys over Thanksgiving. For 9 days. Two little boys that have one more little brother. The agency is hoping we can get to know them over the course of those 9 days and let them know if we think they’d be a good fit in our family….forever. We will call them Wolverine & Ironman & the youngest one we will call Flash.


Wolverine is 7. Ironman is 6. And Flash is 2. (this is NOT them in the picture above) 

From all accounts they have been in care for 2ish years and their biological parents rights have been terminated. They are looking for their forever family.

We said yes that we would be happy to provide respite for Wolverine & Ironman over Thanksgiving while their foster parents go out of the country. We wish Flash could come as well but we are not sure about whether or not that will work out. He is in a different foster family and I think we will at least get to meet him, and maybe even have him come over night just to see how it goes.

But all of this hinges on us getting our license in time. It’s the craziest thing I have ever experienced, this slooooooooow moving train.

Because they say there are so many kids who need foster families. And yet they seem to take their sweet time licensing those of us who are willing and able to take kids yesterday. Meh. Stupid broken system.

And in the meantime…

We have been matched for adoption with yet another sib group – this time there are 5 of them. We wait the long wait now as they compare us on paper and in pictures to 2 other families who would love to give these kiddos a forever family. Praise God there are 3 families to choose from that legitimately WANT these sweet kiddos. So on that we just wait.wait.wait. Always an adventure.

***Edited to add:

Well today we got a call for 4 littles. Could they come tonight?

Um, sorry, we still don’t have our license.

What in the world?!?

So I actually called DCF and the lady there checked on our license and it was actually being worked on “right that minute”. Hmph. Convenient.

So now, we wait for their person to come out to ‘survey’ the inspection that has already been done on the house, and then we should have a license in the next week or so. Ha. Who wants to bet it takes another 2 months?


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  1. momto3sugars says:

    And from one foster mom to another, my experience is the same… They SAY they need more foster homes and potential parents, but we (those of us ready) wait forever!

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