Farm to Table indeed

Today we ventured out in the rain to hit up our local Farmer’s Market. It was just my boy & I since sister was sick. We meandered through the various booths offering their delicious bounty.

Timmy got to talk with local farmers and even do some of the purchasing! They were having raffles throughout the day, and Timmy won!! He was super excited, but was hoping for a pie instead of onions & beets. 🙂 We got drenched on the way home, but all told had a total blast exploring the market and shopping for some local delicious food.

Our dinner tonight will be Farm to Table indeed.


Family Camp Week One: Farm to Table Kickoff: Strawberry Fields Forever

Today we decided to kick off Family Camp Week One: Farm to Table with a little visit to a strawberry farm! It was incredibly fun to drive out into the country and weave through the roads that led to this quaint little strawberry farm.

As we meandered up the gravel driveway, I fell in love. Honestly. I want to move in with these people. I want to sit on their front porch and have sweet tea and long talks while we shuck corn. Or something.

But for now this visit to the farm of my dreams had to be enough.

After we came home, we went ahead and spent the afternoon playing Settlers of America. A game of farming resources and western settlement. Connecting with the concepts of our pioneer agricultural roots here in Kansas. And pretty darn fun too!

You can read about the rest of our Farm to Table adventures this week HERE.

Family Camp week one: farm to table

Next week we start family camp in the casa de chiklettes. 

Week One: Farm to Table 

Some of the planned adventures include:

  • Menu-planning
  • Strawberry picking
  • A visit to a local dairy farm
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Cooking lesson
  • Taste-testing 


    Faith component

    Growing up I went to an awesome summer camp where we learned all kinds of fun songs and graces. I am planning on teaching my kiddos a few of these silly graces as well as making the habit of praying the Angelus before meals. To me, nothing reminds me summer camp more than the Angelus prayer before meals.  Except maybe campfire…. But we’ll get to that.  

    We will also learn about the patron saint of farmers, and learn the prayer for a bountiful harvest. 

    Service component:

    We will make a meal for a family in our community who could use one and we will take some time to bring food donations to our local food bank.

    Family Camp Themes


    I have had several folks inquire about our Family Camp details, so I will try to write a few posts about this venture to flesh it out for you. These are the themes I cam up with after making a master list of all the activities I knew we would want to do this summer. There are many other activities we will do, I am sure, but these are all of the ones I wanted to be super intentional about. Feel free to copy these ideas and customize them to suit the needs and interests of your family, as well as what is going on in your town!

    Here are the themes of Family Camp 2015:

    Farm to Table

    Outdoor Adventure

    The Arts

    As American As…

    Sports & Games


    Space & Science

    Dad Camp


    Each week will include some main components:






    I will be writing more about these components as the weeks go on.


    Or a lack thereof.

    Am I the only homeschooling mom out there who feels like it is a constant battle to reign myself in, hunker down and get the work done?

    I regularly feel overwhelmed. And heaven forbid there is something else going on that day, like oh, picking up Daddy from the airport when he has been gone all week. Well, I want the house to look nice, and I have to pack for my own trip tomorrow, so the odds are not good that we will get much school done today. Sigh.

    I do NOT have this thing down, that is for sure.


    This is a theme for me. I start things very gung-ho and my follow through SUCKS.

    So I am being called to have more discipline. The question is simply: what will my response be?

    I am testing the mettle of my discipline in 3 main areas of my life right now….

    1. In schooling. Can I be more disciplined to having them crack their books every scheduled day? To coming up with a routine and sticking to it?
    2. In waking up earlier. Seems if I start my day before they do, I am prone to have more discipline. If I pray and shower, etc. then I am more likely to succeed in these areas throughout the day.
    3. In exercise. My gung-ho personality loves to exercise – but my lack of discipline lets the day get away from me more often than not and before I know it I have gone a week or two without feelin’ the burn. Discipline in this area affects a lot of my life, not the least of which being my marriage – I am so much more likely to receive his love if I am feeling the positive effects of working out.

    Discipline. Where do you struggle? Do you have a plan for success?

    We tiptoe…

    Rather than march  through our days around here.

    Marching is harsh and takes a loud dictator to rally the troops.Tiptoeing on the other hand is gentle, and can be directed with a whisper.

    Wouldn’t you rather whisper than yell?

    I know what THEY would rather…. 


    FOR TODAY…October 14th.
    Outside my window… there is a bird singing it’s song.

    I am thinking…that now’s a great time to have another cup of coffee.

    I am thankful for… oh, so much. so, so much. starting a LIST. won’t you join me?

    I am wearing…grey yoga pants, a while long sleeved tee layered underneath a pink short-sleeved zip-hoodie… and crocs.

    I am remembering… travelling through the Canadian Rockies with my beloved what seems like a decade ago. Oh wait, it was! My how time flies when you’re having fun!

    I am going… absolutely nowhere. I have made more of a commitment to guard our days at home when there isn’t a scheduled outing like park days, field trip, or p.e. class. Trying to enter into Nazareth rather than running ourselves ragged away from it.

    I am reading… a whole lot of this blog lately. being completely inspired and brought to a place of simple authenticity.

    I am hoping…to start this recipe today – so very cool!!  We are a manna loving family so any way I can make great bread, and I mean GREAT bread, cheaply & conveniently works for this mama!

    On my mind… I am excited to have my in-laws come visit this week from the midwest to the southwest. Wishing it was more fall-like here. Stressed that my house is not perfect yet, but trying to remember we have only lived here 2 months. Still not sure where I am going to have them sleep. Pray for that one would ya?

    From the learning rooms… laughter. which is great, but also means I should likely get up there in a minute.

    Noticing that… the baseboards in this room are filthy. Ugh.

    Pondering these words… from Ann (without the ‘e’) “There’s a silence waiting with the door open, a slow place where He lingers. I’ll cut a clearing through the mental clutter; I’ll make a way in. Wind down the whir of the world and you hear it: the song of the Spirit.”

    From the kitchen… the 5 minute bread, these amazing looking bars, and a few plans for visiting the farmers market tomorrow! *I am SOOO excited to get to go to the Farmer’s Market. I pretty much cannot contain myself!

    Around the house… cleaning, laundry, prepping the little things for G-ma & G-pa’s visit!

    One of my favorite things… is NOT the new holiday creamer I bought last night. Gross. Guess I need to stick with old faithful.

    From my picture journal…

    this is my new  journal. in it you will find many things, including The List.